Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just some general stuff

I’ve been laying low (read: laying around the house) for the last couple weeks, still trying to recuperate from the holidays. I have had a headache, a stomachache, and a general sense of exhaustion ever since I returned to the Berkshires from Texas. Ugh. Maybe I am just getting old.

But the good news – I have been doing pretty well with my “Operation 2012” goals. For those of you that don’t know, “Operation 2012” was something I heard about on The Chew. Carla Hall was talking about instead of making resolutions, Operation 2012 goals help you remember the big picture. These are yearlong goals, so there’s no fear of screwing up right away and throwing in the towel – I have 12 months to get it right.

So anyway, one of my goals is to do a better job of planning meals – something I’ve mentioned a few times in this blog. I’m hoping this goal will help me waste less food and save a few bucks. At least initially, I am going really old school to try and get organized – Monday is pasta night (helpful for Meatless Mondays), Tuesday is chicken/starch/veggie night, Wednesday – a night I often work quite late – is leftovers or bowl of oatmeal night, Thursday is Asian food night, Friday is pancakes or waffles night, Saturdays are left open for some flexibility, and Sundays are slow-cooker days. This makes shopping easy and helps me stay organized. Plus, this way I can cook enough for lunch the next day as well. What do you think? Any other tips?

Once I’ve mastered this step, I can see becoming a little more flexible. For now, though, this is really working. I bought two boxes of whole wheat pasta – store brand on sale for $1 each – which was enough for at least a month of Monday pasta nights. Efficient, yes?

In other news…The CSA I belong to is having a potluck in a couple weeks. It is a relatively small CSA, so this is just a chance for the members and farmers to all meet and get to know one another. I want to go, and yet I’m a little nervous – showing up at these things alone and having to make small talk with strangers can be intimidating. At least here I’d know we all had something in common. I was thinking of making a bulgur salad with dried fruits and nuts in it – a good, healthy and hearty dish. I’m open to other suggestions.

Until next time!

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