Friday, September 14, 2012

An ode to...Starbucks

As the summer season begins to turn, my incorrigible heart begins to yearn
For those autumn staples which I love – salted caramel mocha sent from above
And a pumpkin cream cheese muffin too, a seasonal delight for me and you.

Then the local Starbucks is decked out in red and the holiday season comes to head
A peppermint mocha, oh such joy! More than Santa and any toy.
A pound of Christmas blend as always sends me into a delirious daze.

The rest of winter is cozy and warm, and Starbucks is welcome in any form
As spring begins to blossom we lighten up, and then summer brings an icy cup
So many delights all year round – thank goodness a Starbucks on every block abounds!

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