Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Operation 2013 commences

Happy New Year readers (and while you may be quiet, I know you’re out there)!

I don’t want to take too long to reflect on 2012 and the twisty, turny, crappy year it turned out to be. I do, however, want to take a moment to think about Operation 2012. All in all, I deem it a success! For the first time ever, I actually kept some New Year’s resolutions – and then some. To recap: The point of Operation 2012 is that it was a year-long goal, meaning that each day didn’t have to be perfect and there was none of that pressure that usually accomplishes resolutions. I ran my 5K in September, have been successfully planning meals (and cutting down on grocery bills) for several months, I grew some food out on the patio, and my finances are in pretty good shape. Not too shabby, I’d say.

So, given the success of this endeavor, it only makes sense to give Operation 2013 a go. This year’s goals include running a half-marathon (although I’d be pretty pleased with just a 10K), continue to work on money issues, and spend my time/effort/energy/money on clothes, skincare, and general appearance. I also plan on going vegetarian for the month of January, partly to start the year in a healthy, whole way, and partly to atone for the meat I ate in 2012 (lamb at Chez Panisse, I’m looking at you).

I look forward to sharing the mistakes and successes that these goals bring throughout the year!

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