Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving round-up

So, the reason that I haven’t posted in a few weeks is because I’ve been in Thanksgiving mode around the clock. With the holiday behind us, I can take a (quick) minute to breathe before I begin Christmas chaos mode.

As I am sure I mentioned at one point or another, I hosted Thanksgiving this year. It was small – my mom, my grandparents, and myself, plus the dog – but perfect. Not that I’m bragging, but…

My menu: for pre-meal nibbly bits, I offered rosemary roasted cashews (a Barefoot Contessa recipe that I love), homemade pickled beets, store-bought plump green olives, and a block of Cabot sage cheese – which I had to specially order online, because apparently they are no longer offering it in stores (worth it though). Drink options included fresh, unpasteurized apple cider, sparkling water, and plain water – my family are non-drinkers, so wine was not an option…this time.

For the main course, I prepared an herb and citrus 14.5 lb turkey (herbs de Provence are mixed with butter and olive oil and slathered on the skin, and then the bird is stuffed with fresh herbs, a onion, and citrus wedges – based on a Giada recipe). It was cooked perfectly and plated up beautifully, if I may say so.

For sides, I had glazed pearl onions, an apple, onion, and celery dressing (Rachael Ray’s recipe this time), traditional green bean casserole, sour cream mashed potatoes, homemade from scratch gravy, orange-cranberry sauce, and homemade parker house rolls. Yup. Read ‘em and weep.

My grandmother brought a pumpkin pie and a minced meat pie, and I made fresh whipped cream.

Comments from the diners included, but were not limited to: “perfect” “delicious” “best Thanksgiving ever” and so on.

I know I’m gloating a little here (a little, she says), but I really am quite pleased with myself. It was a big undertaking, and it came together beautifully, from the tablescape to the rolls to the leftovers (turkey tetrazzini, yum). Sign me up for next year.

In the meantime, I am going to Boston with Danielle this weekend to celebrate my birthday and eat lots of lobstah (I can’t wait!). Then before we know, Christmas will be here. Happy holidays!

Photos to come!
Update: Finally added the pic! See above.

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