Sunday, May 13, 2012

Three weeks in California

So, I’ve been in California for exactly three weeks, and I have so much to ramble on about, I’m going to do it as bullet points (of course, if I’d bothered to update in the past few weeks, I wouldn’t have that problem – but you move across the country and then tell me if you have time to blog right away).

Awesome things I’ve had to eat so far:
-Seafood cioppino with cheesy sourdough at Scott’s Restaurant
-Breakfast at the Oakland Grill twice – and the best chicken apple sausage – a surprisingly popular menu item around here
-Sweet crepes at Crepevine in Berkeley
-Dinner at Liaison in Berkeley – Alex had the trout almandine (a favorite of both of ours) and I had the canard a l’orange…and profiteroles for dessert
-Indian food I actually enjoyed at a little hole in the wall up the street, and pretty decent Chinese – and some Korean BBQ at a random food truck at the Treasure Island Flea Market
-Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee on every corner. You know I’m in heaven.
-Fruit at the farmers’ market. It’s like, oh, so that’s what a strawberry/peach/raspberry/cherry/orange actually tastes like

Awesome things I’ve done so far and that I love about living here:
-Death Cab for Cutie at the Fox Theater last week (they closed with my favorite song, with a freaking orchestra! It was epic)
-Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee on every corner
-Treasure Island Flea Market
-Target right up the road
-Sweet new patio garden going on
-Seeing the ocean every day
-Fresh crab meat for 5.99 at Safeway (the real stuff)
-Having money to spend on coffee and crab and cherries, and not constantly being on the verge of a mental breakdown due to a lack of funds
-Seeing my brother at least once a week
-Direct deposit!
-Weekly farmers’ market right next door

Places in Oakland I must check out – not even getting into the numerous Berkeley and San Francisco destinations (although, I must mention, I have never been to a Sur La Table shop and can’t wait…and Tyler Florence’s shop up in Napa…):

Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

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