Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summertime flatbread feast

I love summertime, not just for the nice weather but for the food -- of course! Fresh fruits and veggies, lots of seafood...summer is definitely the best season for foodies (unless you count the holidays, but don't even get me started on that). I really look forward to my food magazines showing up this time of year, with all their fresh takes on uses for seasonal produce. This "pizza" -- or maybe "flatbread" would be a more accurate title -- is something I've come up with on my own and make several times throughout the season -- its easy, quick, and delicious. If you have an outdoor grill or a grill pan, use that, but if not, a cast iron skillet (and in a pinch, any kind of skillet, really -- or even a warm oven) will do.

Ingredients (serves two -- or one, if you're hungry)

2 nectarines or peaches, sliced, but don't bother peeling them (see note)
drizzle of balsamic
fresh rosemary, chopped

Drizzle of olive oil
2 pieces wheat pita
Several slices of prosciutto (regular ham works, too, but go with the prosciutto -- the king of meats -- if you can)
Parmesan or another hard, nutty cheese, freshly grated
Salt to taste (optional -- keep in mind that both the prosciutto and parm are salty)

In a skillet, heat the stone fruit over medium heat just until it is warm and starts to soften. Remove from the pan and put in a small bowl, immediately toss with balsamic and rosemary. Set aside.
Brush both sides of the pitas with EVOO. Then add to skillet or the grill, keeping them over medium to medium-high heat (depending on the size of the pan you're using, you may have to do this one at a time. If so, just store one in the oven or microwave to keep warm while you finish the other). Once one side of the pita is crispy, just a couple of minutes, flip and then top with prosciutto and grated Parmesan. Cook until everything is heated through and the pita is crisp. 
Remove from the heat, top with nectarines, and serve immediately. This is also good with some fresh arugula on top.

Note: If you are working on a grill, halve the nectarines and grill them, then slice and toss with balsamic and rosemary.

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